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Frequently asked questions

1. What are the different benefits of Cha Yuan Formula Teas?
2. Can anyone drink Cha Yuan Tea? Can it be consumed daily and long-term?

Tea is suitable for daily consumption by everyone and helps with detoxification. In traditional Chinese culture, tea is one of the seven essentials of daily life, along with firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, and vinegar. Drinking tea is a vital part of daily life, and the phrase "simple tea and plain rice" underscores the importance of tea and food in our lives.

However, the relentless pursuit of profit has led to severe environmental pollution, resulting in excessive toxins in tea cultivation and production. Many people view tea merely as a pleasant beverage, which has led to many teas on the market that not only fail to detoxify but may also harm human health.

Cha Yuan Tea prioritizes purity and is dedicated to restoring tea's historical detoxifying properties, making it suitable for everyone. Especially in today’s polluted environment, we recommend drinking it daily and long-term to aid in detoxification.

Consequently, Cha Yuan Tea enthusiasts are spread across the globe, including people of all ages and genders, who drink Cha Yuan Tea every day.

3. Can drinking Cha Yuan Tea replace drinking water?

When tested with quantum devices, tap water is found to contain harmful energy frequencies from chlorine, disinfectants, and pesticides. However, adding a small amount of Cha Yuan Tea eliminates these frequencies.

Therefore, we recommend drinking Cha Yuan Tea as much as possible. Tea itself is non-toxic, aids in detoxification, and tastes better than water.

4. How should Cha Yuan Tea be consumed?

Cha Yuan Tea comes in convenient small sachets, each containing 2.5 grams, making it very easy to brew. You can simply place a sachet in a regular cup and pour boiling water over it. Alternatively, you can put it in a thermos to steep and carry it with you, or you can boil it to drink.

For daily health maintenance, we recommend using one sachet per day. If you are experiencing noticeable discomfort, you can brew two sachets at the same time and continue steeping until the tea is colorless and tasteless.

Wild tea is durable and can be re-steeped the next day if you didn't consume much the previous day. When storing overnight, pour out the tea and avoid leaving the sachet in the liquid. There's no need to refrigerate.

Pure wild tea is precious, so it's best to make full use of it. The leftover tea can be used to wash hands, wash your face, or water plants. Used tea leaves can be utilized in cooking, such as making tea eggs or stir-frying eggs. Eating the used tea leaves can provide more comprehensive detoxification and health benefits.

6. Does drinking Cha Yuan Tea cause insomnia?

The caffeine content extracted from tea leaves is relatively low and can provide a slight stimulating effect, but it is readily absorbed by the body and generally does not affect sleep. However, most teas today are cultivated using pesticides, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and other chemicals, which stimulate the nervous system and are difficult for the body to digest—these are the true culprits affecting sleep quality.

Tea contains unique amino acids that aid in sleep and have a calming effect. Tea also plays a beneficial role in soothing the nerves, purifying the blood, and relaxing the body. Cha Yuan offers a specific blend of tea designed to improve sleep, helping to balance the body's energy, harmonize yin and yang, and achieve a state of equilibrium, thereby addressing insomnia.

Indeed, some individuals may find it difficult to sleep after drinking Cha Yuan Tea, or even experience insomnia throughout the night, primarily due to three reasons: spiritual factors, normal reactions during mental adjustment and cognitive processes, or concurrently consuming regular tea or other beverages along with Cha Yuan Tea.

5. I've heard that tea can counteract medication. Can I drink Cha Yuan Tea while taking medicine?

There is a traditional belief that tea can neutralize the effects of medication. Let’s examine this from both traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Western medicine perspectives.

Firstly, in TCM, tea has always been recorded in the pharmacopeia as a medicinal ingredient. There are even categories of herbal teas where certain medicines need to be taken with tea to achieve the best results. So, there is no substantial basis for the belief that tea can counteract medication.

However, even common foods can sometimes have adverse interactions. For example, eating seafood with oranges can produce arsenic. Modern medical research has found that certain substances in tea might interact with specific medication ingredients. In such cases, it is best not to consume tea and medication simultaneously.

Nevertheless, drinking tea at a different time from when you take your medication can be beneficial for recovery. Illnesses can often be attributed to toxins, and all medications have some level of toxicity. Pure, detoxifying tea is highly suitable for consumption during these times. Cha Yuan offers a variety of unique health-maintenance teas that effectively counteract various toxins present in the air, water, and food, providing unexpected benefits for your health.

7. How long does it take for Cha Yuan Tea to take effect?

It varies from person to person. Many people experience various sensations or relief from symptoms on the first day of drinking Cha Yuan Tea, while others may need to drink it for a longer period to feel changes in their body.

On one hand, everyone's sensitivity to the tea varies. On the other hand, the human body operates on many levels, and although symptoms may appear on the body's surface, their underlying causes differ.

For example, two individuals experiencing stomach pain may have different underlying reasons—one might have had stomach issues since childhood, while another might experience it for the first time in their fifties.

Therefore, the time it takes for Cha Yuan Tea to show its effects can vary.

8. Does drinking Cha Yuan tea cause detox reactions?
When severe ailments improve, it's common to experience detox reactions, also known as healing crises.
These reactions include frequent urination, frequent bowel movements or diarrhea, vomiting, skin rashes, drowsiness, or short-term insomnia, among others. These are normal responses when toxins accumulated in different parts of the body are eliminated.
To determine if it's a healing crisis, observe if the body feels uncomfortable due to these reactions. For instance, children often experience vomiting as a common detox reaction, and they typically feel better after vomiting.
9. Does drinking Cha Yuan Tea cause stomach pain? Can it be consumed on an empty stomach?

Drinking tea that causes discomfort in the stomach, similar to insomnia, is mainly due to chemicals such as pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and herbicides in the tea.

In fact, scientific research has found that tea polyphenols have a protective effect on gastrointestinal mucosa. Cha Yuan also has a Stomach Health Tea that can improve spleen and stomach function.

Secondly, green tea belongs to non-fermented tea, and its nature is cool. Long-term consumption of green tea may also affect spleen and stomach functions.

Cha Yuan's green tea is intentionally slightly warming during the production process to prevent coldness and potential stomach discomfort.

10. Can drinking Cha Yuan Tea sober you up?

We all know that Japanese matcha and the Japanese tea ceremony are famous. Tea was introduced to Japan from China during the Song Dynasty by Zen Master Eisai. At that time, the ruler, General Minamoto no Sanetomo, was in a drunken stupor for two days, and no one could wake him. Eisai made tea for the general, who then regained consciousness and praised the tea highly. From that point, tea became popular in Japan.

Alcohol has a toxic effect on the central nervous system, but tea can detoxify various toxins, including alcohol. Drinking Cha Yuan’s Detox Tea enhances this detoxification effect even more.

Cha Yuan Formula Teas has three series that are categorised according to the human body's structure:

  • Body Detox Series: Represented by Detox Tea, this series helps improve various physical discomforts.

  • Health Care Series: Represented by Heart Health Tea, this series enhances and balances the energy flow among the body's organs.

  • Mind Care Series: Represented by Mind Awakening Tea, this series helps alleviate various mind-related issues.

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