Founder Mr. Timothy Wu, formerly engaged in the securities industry for over a decade, encountered significant physical ailments and mental stress despite material affluence. This pivotal moment led Mr. Wu to embark on a journey of rediscovering life and health.

Born in the tea-producing region of Wuyishan, Mr. Wu has had a deep affinity for tea culture since childhood. Determined to delve into the current state of the tea industry, he spent several years researching numerous tea enterprises both domestically and internationally. He lamented the pervasive pollution in water, soil, and air, and the flood of profit-driven industrial production that made finding genuine, high-quality tea difficult. Determined to make tea his lifelong vocation, Mr. Wu resolved to revive the traditional culture of tea.

After a challenging search for tea, Mr. Wu's sincerity and perseverance were rewarded with the gift of the Nine Shepherd Wild Tea Garden in the Wuyishan Mountains. While adhering to wild cultivation, he led tea masters in dedicated research of tea-making techniques, independently producing six major types of tea and achieving significant breakthroughs in tea production technology.

Drawing on his profound understanding of traditional culture and over twenty years of spiritual cultivation, Mr. Wu established the systematic "Tea Destiny Mindful Tea Path," embodying the philosophy of "harmony and openness" in tea. He aims to guide more people to experience the realization that tea-making is a path to understanding life's true essence.

Deeply immersed in the field of tea therapy, Mr. Wu devoted himself to studying the formulas for wild herbal teas and extensively practicing their application. He has helped tens of thousands of individuals overcome various physical and mental challenges. Mr. Wu has been invited as a guest on programs such as CCTV's "The Road to Business" and Hunan TV's "King of Trends," where he shares insights on tea culture and therapy.


Tea Destiny brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds, including renowned hotel managers, economics Ph.D. graduates from NUS, pharmaceutical Ph.D. graduates from Peking University, MBAs, IT professionals, seasoned financiers, media editors, and full-time mothers. United by their love for tea and their passion for traditional Chinese culture and spiritual practices, they converge at Tea Destiny.

Rooted in the philosophy of integrating mind and body, traditional Chinese culture finds expression in the art of tea. We aspire to assist more individuals in embarking on a journey of self-discovery through tea drinking, shedding illusions, and returning to authenticity. We firmly believe that the tea's meditative culture offers a unique healing modality for life.

With over 20 years of steady growth in China, Tea Destiny embarked on an international journey in 2021 by establishing a subsidiary in Singapore. We were honored to collaborate with medical centers in the United States to establish the "Tea Medicine Research Laboratory" and to establish the "Tea Therapy Center" in Hong Kong. Tea Destiny has evolved into a comprehensive cultural enterprise, offering not only premium teas but also educational courses and community events. Currently, we offer adult and children's tea ceremony courses, specialized tea therapy sessions, and tea gatherings, hoping that the serendipity of tea will bring us together to embark on a path of mindfulness, tranquility, and compassionate living, sharing a life of purity and beauty.


Embark on a Journey to Wellness with TeaYuan

TeaYuan is not just about a cup of tea; it embodies a lifestyle—a philosophy where each tea leaf carries the essence of nature and ancient wisdom. Dive into the world of TeaYuan and explore a unique way of life.

Our tea collection is diverse, ranging from white tea, green tea, yellow tea, red tea, oolong tea, to black tea. Additionally, we have crafted 16 exclusive blends designed to nurture both body and mind:

Body Harmony Series: Heart Nourishing Tea, Liver Relaxing Tea, Stomach Soothing Tea, Lung Nourishing Tea, Kidney Tonic Tea.

Detoxification Series: Immunity Boosting Tea, Detox Tea, Gout Relief Tea, Joint Support Tea, Rejuvenation Tea, Harmony Tea, Clearing Tea.

Mind Calming Series: Sleep Aid Tea, Brain Boosting Tea, Memory Enhancing Tea, Eye Brightening Tea.

To ensure the purity of our teas, in 2002 we established our own tea garden—Jiuyue Tea Garden. Located in the Jiuyue Nature Reserve of the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian, China, our garden boasts an 88% forest coverage and exceptional air quality with PM2.5 consistently below 15. Situated at an average altitude of approximately 1000 meters, the mountainous terrain, soil, temperature, rainfall, humidity, and climate conditions are ideal for tea cultivation.

Before its development, the Jiuyue Tea Garden and the surrounding mountains had undergone over 50 years of natural recuperation, remaining untouched by human intervention. This allowed the land to cleanse and rejuvenate itself, resulting in loose and breathable soil structure. By preserving existing vegetation and minimizing pruning of tea trees, we maintain their natural growth. We refrain from using conventional pruning techniques, relying instead on deep-buried weeds for green manure, without resorting to chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. The tea trees in our garden grow in harmony with the wild environment of the mountains (referred to as wild-grown old tea trees), preserving the ecological balance of their root system. The mountainous soil is rich in organic matter and minerals, reaching an ideal state of purity and fertility. Jiuyue, as a natural reserve, boasts pristine air quality and is free from pollution. This favorable climate contributes to the growth of aromatic and high-quality tea leaves.

For over two decades, we have adhered to natural farming practices, eschewing the use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and herbicides throughout the entire process—from cultivation and weeding to harvesting and production—everything is done by hand.

As a result, TeaYuan teas retain all the essential nutrients needed by the human body, boasting 12 enzymes, 12 probiotics, 13 trace elements, 16 vitamins, and 20 amino acids, as confirmed by laboratory tests.

Fully Handmade Pure Tea